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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pics from our February trip

This is the water taxi...pretty full this day! Barb had to sit at the other end.

The beautiful Barb at sunset....I don't know which way to look!

Barb loved relaxing on the porch.

Barb learned to windsurf, almost!

A croc we saw while on our way back from a remote area of the island.
Some natives were feeding it chicken. Reminded me of Betty White!

Scuba Mike hits the water.

This was our home away from home...wish it were home.

I did get to use the hammock once.

And I think I can actually learn to windsurf too.

The view from our front door.

This is what the good roads are like in a more remote area of the island.

Ahhh sunset. I was almost attacked by a dog to get this shot.

My favorite activity was having a Belikin at the split.

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