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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our journey continues....

Well the time has come to finish our packing. We leave tomorrow for a one month stay on Caye Caulker!

We have rented an apartment in an area of town that we have not stayed in before. We hope to really get a good feel for what life in Belize will be like. We will cook most of our own meals on a two burner hotplate and a microwave oven. We intend to purchase our own bikes for transportation while there. We will be taking a kayak tour with the high school students discovering the off shore marine life from the perspective of a local student. We have been invited for dinner with friends we met on our earlier visits. We are bringing 21 Spanish text books for the high school and Christmas presents for the children of a family we met during our last stay. This weekend there will be the annual Christmas parade. Golf carts are transformed into "floats". They parade around town and gather with Santa afterward to receive prizes for the best float. We hope to attend our first chicken drop...a game of chance in which tickets are sold for squares on a board. A live chicken is placed on the board. I expect the crowd gets really rowdy. The excited chicken runs around until it poops on one of the squares. The winner is the person who purchased that square!

In spite of the anxiety of being away from our rental business for one month, my turning down paying work to accommodate our schedule, and Barb not being around for month end closing, we hope to really enjoy our stay. It is kind of like a test run to see if we can actually make it there. I will keep you posted on our activities throughout our stay.