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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Preparing for our second trip to Caye Caulker

Barb is all packed. I am a perpetual packing procrastinator :-) Yesterday I received a package of school supplies that I will be transporting to the new high school on the island (Ocean Academy). I also have a care package for a lady who recently moved there and took over a business. Last night Barb was re-packing her stuff to try to ensure we could fit everything in, but I assured here that there would be enough room without doing that, I don't think she believes me??? Barb is bringing reading glasses to distribute. You see, things like these are very expensive there, as are any items that are imported into the country. These seemingly small favors are very meaningful in a small town like Caye Caulker. During our last visit we brought school supplies for the elementary school.

I remember living in a small town where "everybody knew your name". Caye Caulker is still like that. The little things we do mean a lot, before you know it everyone on the island will know we care enough to go above and beyond to help. Caye Caulker is the kind of place I hope to reside in one day. This trip will help us discover whether or not "Cay Caulker is the place for us".

While we are there we will be very busy. We will be looking at property, mingling with residents and engaging them in conversations about everyday life on the island, venturing to nearby Ambergris Caye, but perhaps most importantly finding out what the summer weather is like there. The temps average in the mid 80's. During the summer the breeze is less and the evenings are not cool, in fact the temps remain in the 80's at night. Most gringo expats decide to leave by August through October in order to avoid the hottest weather that is followed by a wet season. I understand the mosquitos are exceptionally bad this year, so we will be bringing plenty of deet.

Wish us luck...I will update you with the details when we return.