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Friday, July 15, 2011

My first blog day:


For a little over a year I have been looking at the possibility of retiring abroad. I did extensive research on places in central and south america. I looked at Cost Rica, Ecuador, and Belize in great detail, and several other places in less detail. Last February my wife Barb and I ventured to Caye Caulker, Belize. This is a carribean island just off the coast of Belize. Caye Caulker sits just one mile from the second largest coral reef in the world. There are about 1200 inhabitants and was historically a fishing village that now relies primarily on tourism. The village is quaint and simple with streets of sand and brightly colored buildings. The only tar on the island is the runway at the airport. We fell in love on our first visit and will be returning this August to explore some more.

Last fall I produced a video for the newly formed high school in hopes to win a $10,000 cash prize to benefit Ocean academy from Ford. The video did not win, but I made several friends in the process that I looked up during our last visit. Dane even tried to teach me and Barb how to windsurf! We thought the place felt like home for us. The folks are friendly and the pace of life is VERY relaxed. We cannot wait to visit again!


  1. That is soooo cool!! It looks beautiful. What about everyday life though? Do they have grocery stores and things like that? How do you get here and there? I am assuming there are no cars. What about medical care? Do you have to go to another island? As for role playing, I picture you as the professor and Barb as MaryAnn!! LOL. Just kidding, I think it's great!!

  2. Silly Diane.... I have done my research! It is truly a beautiful place in it's simplicity. Everyday life will be comfortable there. Not in the sense we americans have come to expect however. There are no large stores...just small shops. There are three grocery stores, two hardware stores, and a pharmacy. You can get anywhere on the main part (south) island in a matter of minutes by foot or by bicycle. There were several golf carts (privately owned) and even golf cart taxis if you prefer. We saw a couple of pickups, a dump truck, a fire truck and an electric line service truck while there. There is free healthcare in a clinic with a nurse and doctor who are full time on the island. If you need more medical attention than your regular doctor's office can provide, then Belize City is just 45 mins away by boat. There you will find a major hospital with all the services....for free! You never have to go to another island unless you want to. That too is easy via the water taxi service which is like a floating bus service.

    I pictured Barb as GINGER, and not MARYANN, but I'm OK with your vision too. :-)

  3. Mike, good for you! Having already successfully taken the plunge to expat life, my best suggestion for you & Barb is this: during your next visit envision what your life will be like there 24/7/365. My wife and I have known too many people who get past the "honeymoon" phase and realize gorgeous scenery and outstanding weather are not enough. I wish you all the best of your journey!

  4. Thanks Edd,
    Everyone should know that Edd and his wife have retired to Ecuador. Edd started a blog documenting his experiences. I have read every word he posted. His blog inspired me to create this one. Thanks Edd....perhaps one day Barb and I can visit Ecuador!?

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