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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Which came first...the chicken or the egg?

I have a couple of anecdotes that illustrate cultural difference. This is something to be keenly aware of when considering a move to a foreign country, or even just visiting one. This one is from a blog written by a woman who was born on Caye Caulker and lived there, moved away, came back to run a backpacker's hotel, and is now in semi-retirement (I suspect she will be starting something new soon). Tina has these words of wisdom on her blog:

"My friend was telling me about the neighbors Rooster which starts crowing long before the sun intends to rise. He couldn't sleep many a nights and went to talk to the neighbor about getting rid of the Rooster. 

The neighbor is offended, says in the old days that families not only had Roosters, Chickens, Pigs & Deer; but an assorted selection of animals was normal as food for the family and he will not get rid of the Rooster until it is time for him to go into the oven.

My friend contemplated shooting the Rooster dead. He contemplated ringing its neck, making a stew, but he knew the neighbor would be suspicious of him if the Rooster disappeared. 

My friend concocted another scheme to get rid of the Rooster. He asked another friend to go to the neighbor and express deep interest in buying the Rooster, he even offered way more than the Rooster is worth; a full $50.00 bz. The neighbor sold my friends friend the Rooster and he thought all was well until..........

A few days later the neighbor returned from Belize City where he had spent the $50.00 wisely by investing in another 10 small Roosters. My friend is now considering moving from the neighborhood.

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